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About us


Husband and wife above all and business partner, we are La Blonde, Emilie, and le Barbu, Jérome.
Both complementary and very close in our ideas, we love working together and both share an obvious vision of design to form together a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding. Our vision is artistic: the junction of Art and handcraft for tailor-made decorations. We like to place flowers at the heart of our creations, to harmonize spaces and sublimate them with delicacy.

about us

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In love and united by marriage, we are epicurious, we share a taste for life, good food, travel, and our family life is one of the most important things in our life: our daughters Celeste and Lilly accompany each day in the adventure of La Blonde et le Barbu. We live in the South of France, and love this region where life is good, between Provence Nature and the lush Côte d'Azur, close to Italy and magnificent reception venues.

Both in love with beautiful things and living with passion

emilie + jérôme

Our wedding was a thunderbolt: the revelation of a common pleasure for the wedding decoration and at the same time the organizational problems on D-Day which undermined our decoration. It was enough to embark on the adventure a month later and become wedding decorators with one goal: to successfully decorate weddings for the bride and groom. It became obvious to us to work together because one life was not enough to explore it hand in hand.

We then worked hard to learn, train with the greatest, evolve, question ourselves and move forward.

Today, after a hundred events, we are happy with what La Blonde et le Barbu represents and to accompany our newlyweds every day for a great success of their wedding decoration down to the smallest detail.

How we started

A Real love story

Music punctuates our lives, as a piano and drum player. From rock to classical music, we travel to attend the concerts of our favorites artists

the music bring our life


We are deeply animal lovers and share our home with our Shar-Peis, who embody calm and beauty

our pet family


We love to travel around the world, in big cities or wild lands: Venise, Florence, Como Lake, Greece, Canada and USA, Ireland, London...

Discover the world


The most beautiful of our successes : our two daughters Lilly and Celeste with whom we share travels, outings, ans our passion for flowers.

Our family


Our favorite life

A caring and very smiling young woman who is in charge of the development of social networks and the website. She also works alongside us on wedding days and knows our job to perfection. His dynamism and his will allow him to be a solid support for the Blonde and the Bearded. It accompanies us at every stage of our business.

Communication assistant



Manager of the teams, he ensures the management and coordination of the teams and the equipment. In decoration, his very clear vision of the space allows him to clearly define the decorations. As former soldier and rugby player, Jérôme is unfailingly solid and the whole team can rely on him. A jack of all trades, he is also behind all the personalized and material elements he created for La Blonde et le Barbu.
He joins his ideas to Emilie to form together a unique and unforgettable design.

& coordination advisor

Jêrôme, the bearded ("le barbu")

Le Barbu

A creative soul, Emilie likes organization and rigor just as much with a touch of madness for unlimited creativity. Assistant Manager for 15 years in real estate, every day this experience is used for the company: estimate, administrative, planning, organization.
She’s your privileged interlocutor to build your design and imagine the best vision for you, thanks to her sensitivity.
She leads the floral teams and is responsible for all floral art creations.

Founder & Artistic director

Emilie, the blonde ("la blonde")

La Blonde

Meet our team

Each season, we install your major weddings with a solid team of expert florists guided by Emilie, and decoration installers directed by Jérome down to the smallest detail.

Working with Installers and florists team

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“You are an amazing couple! your passion is multiplied by your incredible expertise
you made our dreams come true beyond our expectations”

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